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Automated Withdrawal Form

Monthly Sewer Payment 

Your Name: __________________________________________________________


Address: _____________________________________________________________


Account Number:__________________________________________________


Phone Number: _______________________________________________


Bank Information:


Bank Name: ___________________________________________________________


Routing Number: _______________________________________________________


Account Number:_______________________________________________________


Is this a (Circle One):    Checking   or    Savings 

      Choose a day for the Auto-Withdrawal (Circle One):     15th   or    30th 

I hereby grant permission to Decatur Township to Automatically Withdrawal from the account provided for my Monthly Sewer Bill Payment of $32.00 per ERU on the date provided. This will remain in affected until the client terminates this transaction. If an error occurs in the transaction amount, I herby authorize Decatur Township to initiate a correcting transaction to/from the account indicated. If at any time the Sewer Rate is increased then the amount withdrawn will increase. Decatur Township is not responsible for any overdrafts that occur when inadequate funds are available the day of the withdrawal. 

__________________________________                                   __________________________________________

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Date                                                                                                I hereby terminate this transaction:  Signature/Date


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