Decatur Township - Clearfield County


                                       BOARD OF SUPERVISORS

  Andrew Rebar, Chairman               Rita Sankey, Vice-Chairman

  1125 Frog Hollow Road                         97 Sankey Lane

  Philipsburg, PA  16866                          Osceola Mills, PA  16666


                                        Richard Yarger

                                       38 Lingle Street 

                                   Osceola Mills, PA  16666



                                          Pamela Peters 

                                         (814) 339-6772

                                 Third Party Inspection Agency

                          Pennsafe Building Inspection Services LLC 

                                                               (814) 375-1111 


                                                       Tax Collector

Pamela Roberts                                       Phone:  (814) 592-8488

1285 Centre Road                                   Office Hours:  Tuesday and Thursday

Osceola Mills, PA  16666                                                 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM


                                                                                         3:00 PM - 5:30 PM 

                   Decatur Township Meeting Minutes May 23, 2017


Municipal Building

May 23, 2017                           Regular Meeting Minutes                             7:00 PM

Chairman, Andy Rebar called the regular meeting of the Decatur Township Supervisors to order with the salute to the flag.  A roll call of members showed Chairman, Andy Rebar, Vice – Chairman, Rita Sankey, Supervisor Richard Yarger, and Secretary, Pamela Peters in attendance. 

MINUTES:  Rita Sankey motioned to approve the April 18, 2017, regular meeting minutes.  Richard Yarger seconded the motion.  A vote showed all supervisors voting yes.  There were no public comments. 


TREASURER’S REPORTS:  Rita Sankey motioned and Andy Rebar seconded to approve the Treasurer’s Reports, as presented.  A vote showed all Supervisors voting yes.  There were no public comments. 

CORRESPONDENCE:  Andy Rebar read a letter from DEP concerning an SMP renewal for Junior Coal Contracting.  Andy Rebar read a letter from the Centre County Planning and Community Development Office concerning the West Nile Virus mosquito spraying operations.  Andy Rebar read an anonymous letter concerning various issues in the Copelin Road area.  Andy Rebar read a letter from the Philipsburg Heritage Days Committee concerning sponsor opportunities for the 20th annual Philipsburg Heritage Days event.  Andy Rebar read two public notices of bond release for Larry D. Baumgardner Coal Inc.  Andy Rebar read a letter from the CCSWA concerning an illegal dumping complaint for the month of April 2017.  Andy Rebar read a letter from the Nativity of St. John the Baptist Orthodox Church concerning drug activities at the cemetery on Johnson Road. 

ADMINISTRATIVE ACTION:  Rita Sankey motioned and Richard Yarger seconded to pay the bills for May 2017, with the addition of a bill for Winifred Jones-Wenger amounting to $2,400 for legal services.  A vote showed all Supervisors voting yes.  There were no public comments. 

OLD BUSINESS:  Richard Yarger motioned and Andy Rebar seconded to accept the bid of $2,000 for the Wayne Roy coupler and interchangeable buckets from Harmen Vogelzang.  A vote showed all supervisors voting yes.  There were no public comments. 

Andy Rebar commented the board is searching for more information concerning the drug task force agreement. 

Andy Rebar motioned and Richard Yarger seconded to allocate up to $80,000 plus $20,000 additional contingency for the Crago Lane bridge project.  A vote showed all supervisors voting yes.  There were no public comments. 

NEW BUSINESS:  Andy Rebar motioned and Richard Yarger seconded to approve the 2017 Chester Hill Hose Company Fire Protection Contract and to pay the amount of $6,000.  A vote showed all supervisors voting yes.  There were no public comments. 

Andy Rebar motioned and Richard Yarger seconded to approve up to $1,500 for the purchase of three swings for Fairview Park.  A vote showed all Supervisors voting yes.  There were no public comments. 


Building Code Official – Pennsafe issued eight building permits during the month of April 2017.

Mo-Valley Joint Sewer Authority – Andy Rebar report business as usual.  The head works project is in full flow with anticipated completion by November 2017.

Decatur Township Planning Commission – No report.

Decatur Township Water, Sewage, and Recreation Authority – Rita Sankey reported work on the pavilion is moving along.

ORD Sewer Authority – No report.

Police – Andy Rebar read the police report as follows for the month of April 2017:  Incidents investigated – 30, Accidents investigated – 00, Criminal complaints – 00, Non-traffic citations – 04, Traffic citations – 01, Public Service – 01, Agency Assist – 03, Warrant Service – 00, Vacation Checks – 00.

Mid-State Regional Airport Authority – George Winters suggested Decatur Township provide training to the airport staff on how to use the power broom when repairs are complete and it is returned. 


ADJOURNMENT:  Andy Rebar adjourned the meeting at 8:00 PM.

                     Permits Required for Door to Door Sales

All residents of Decatur Township, please be advised that a permit is required for door to door sales.  If a sales representative shows up at your door,  inquire whether or not they have obtained a permit from Decatur Township.  The salesperson should provide you with an identification card issued by the township.  If you encounter any door to door salesperson without a permit, please contact us immediately at (814) 339-6772, or the Police Department at (814) 339-6775.  Thank you for your cooperation.

         Permits Needed Before Starting Any Home Maintenance or                                                          Improvements


Decatur Township reminds township residents that before undertaking any type of home improvements, repairs, driveway resurfacing or maintenance work, residents should visit to download the building permit application.

Under the Pennsylvania Uniformed Construction Code (UCC), permits are required for numerous types of work.  There are also many other items that do not require a permit under the UCC, but do require a permit from the township.  That is why residents should contact the code office to see what is, or what is not required.

Private driveways that enter or exit a township, borough or state road, require a highway occupancy permit from either the township, the borough, or the state Department of Transporation before one can be installed or surfaced.  The site distance or visibility to vehicles either approaching or exiting a driveway must be addressed, in order to prevent mishaps from occurring.

Another issue of concern when installing or surfacing driveways is drainage management.  Water runoff from a private driveway can cause serious problems to road surfaces and/or rights of ways.  Water runoff may also cause a vehicle accident or damage.  If a private driveway connects to any public street, the driveway must be installed to prevent large amounts of runoff from entering the traveling portion of the roadway.

When installing a driveway, you must also prevent soil erosion from being deposited on the roadway surface.  Any driveway that is surfaced with pavement or concrete and connects to any roadway must be sealed at the the egress area to prevent water from secreting under the road surface and causing damage to the roadway and the rights of ways.

If any piping is needed in driveways prior to entrance of roadway, Decatur Township has specifications pertaining to placement of pipes in correlation to the ditch that may run along the roadway and the right of way.

Any and all wastewater cleanouts and vents on the Decatur Township's wastewater collection system must be capped to prevent groundwater from entering the system.  If the cleanout is below or at ground level, the cleanout must have a rubber-sealed cap installed.  This will prevent the unnecessary treatment of water at the Moshannon Valley Wastewater Treatment Facility.

Property owners need to make sure they get the proper permits for projects, and the contractor must make sure the property owner has those permits.  The Decatur Township Supervisors and Code Enforcement Office thank everyone for their cooperation.